Hybrid Agri Funds with focus on food security

Safari Cities Equity Funds

Hybrid Agri Funds with a focus on food security

Safari Cities Equity Funds are a group of funds used in combination with financial intermediary funding sources like bank loans and micro financing to create the cash flows required for the smallholder farmer success.

Our youth agripreneurial program is being funded through two newly created private equity funds (safari cities legacy fund™ and safari cities impact fund™) established for the purpose of developing youth entrepreneurship in Africa.  These funds raise capital from impact investors by pursuing strategies that align financial rewards with an economic and social mission.

In addition to these two funds, the agbekoya fund™ was created to assist farmers in pooling their savings such that farmer groups can have access to funds that can be used to finance down payment on business loans.

Safari Cities Legacy Fund

The Safari Cities Legacy Fund is primarily targeted to contributions from impact investors that are much more liberal in their terms and have a long term horizon. The contributions from founding corporate members are included in this fund. Safari Cities Management has much more flexibility in how to invest the proceeds from this fund to accomplish its organizational long-term strategies.

Safari Cities Impact Fund

The Safari Cities Impact Fund is primarily targeted to contributions from impact investors, NGOs, and institutions that have an interest in making a positive impact in local communities in Africa. Contributors to this fund are usually interested in causes like poverty alleviation, and food security.  The terms of each contributor may be varied from short term to long term and from interest bearing to non-interest bearing as well as result oriented grants. Crowdfunding sources are also included in this fund.

Safari Cities Agbekoya Fund

The Safari Cities Agbekoya Fund is an innovative fund that pools contribution from farmers in the form of savings based on the profits made by the farmer in the previous season.  The fund is managed by Safari Cities with oversight from a governing board constituted by the members of the farmer cooperatives.

The benefits of this fund are:

  • It introduces the smallholder farmer to the concept of saving and financial inclusion
  • Smallholder Farmer can borrow from these funds for farm expansion in the following season
  • Farmer can use proceeds from this fund as down payment for future agro loan from banks