Frequently Asked Questions regarding Safari Cities

Is Safari Cities a charitable organization ?
No. Safari Cities in not a charitable organization. We are a commercial entity that believes it is possible to do good and do well too. We make a social impact by creating agripreneurial opportunities for the youth and women. We integrate these agribusiness opportunities within local communities to stimulate rural community development.
How does Safari Cities Make its money ?
Safari is totally free for all parties to register. We have transaction based, commercial arrangements with trading partners to cover our costs. Safari Cities and its trading partners charge for professional services rendered to smallholder farmers. Additionally, Safari Equity Funds generate revenues from interest charges and equity arrangements on specially funded projects. 

Don't worry though, we're totally independent and are committed to helping smallholder farmers manage their costs and boost their profitability by as much as 300% the national average for smallholder farmers.
What does Safari Cities do with my data ?
All of your personal details are safe and secure and will never be shared with anyone else without your consent. We do use anonymized data at an aggregate level to drive efficiencies and savings throughout the input supply chain in order to help reduce costs and create efficiencies throughout the ecosystem. 

The outcome is improved profit levels for smallholder farmers and increased business volume for our trading partners.